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10 elements of project management success

Project Management Institute defines “project management” to “application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements” (PMBOK Guide, 3rd Edition, Project Management Institute Company, 2005). In short, project management goal is to make the project successful completion. It is to meet the project budget and time constraints, to achieve project delivery targets, carried out by the project start, project planning, project implementation and resource management rules to be followed when.

A successful project manager plans the project from start to finish, follow up progress of business and technology in time, with flexible management tools.

1. Respond flexibly to changes in project

Traditional project management methods have been proved to be too rigid, bureaucratic, time consuming, not suitable for today’s rapidly changing business environment. In fact, these methods can be used by IT departments. But you need to emerging issues and respond quickly to changes. Adhere to the traditional project management documents and processes will crush you.

2. Not share exhaustive project

Ideal project manager is a leader, not stubborn crazy. Some project managers focus on achieving milestones or completion of projects; too rigidly stick to the details. Agile project management needs in the left / right brain, hard / soft skills to make trade-offs between.

3. Continuously improve project management skills
Technology to meet the changing needs of users, is in constant development. Similarly, the project management methodology and business and technology need to advance with the times. With your team, customers and business partners to communicate from time to time, find ways to improve project management processes.

4. Project plans should also advance with the times

Project manager of the most important activities is the project planning. Project plan must be detailed, organized, and is participatory completed. The real world, plans always change with the change, the change can change the priority of the task plan. Therefore, plan, modify the plan, then plan.

5. Maintain a sense of urgency in the work

If the project has unlimited time, money and resources, would not be great? But the reality is that the project is always in a limited time, money and resources constraints, continue moving forward. Regular status updates, regular meetings and a clear follow-up is essential.

6. Take account of deliverables and project activities carefully

Project manager and project team must have a common an image to describe the item to the matter in the end is like. This is to ensure all efforts in one direction. On this issue to avoid ambiguity, we must at all costs described clearly demonstrate to everyone, and everyone’s consensus.

7. Distribution Project submission of project deliverables

Climbing a mountain may be terrible, but if the whole process of climbing down into too many small steps, the top may not be so far away. Similarly, the project objectives cannot be accomplished overnight. The task of the project to go step by step, every step of the process according to the project review and approval to ensure the project towards the right direction.

8. Risk Management Project

Assign someone to monitor the potential project risks. This role requires the following qualities:

All team members found that the risk, do not hesitate to report to him.

Maintain a list of risks, tracking risks and solutions for all problems and progress.

Do not rigidly stick to the details. Risk assessment should not be the size of your main duties. Risk Management will cost you time and effort, but considering its role in the project, you will not hesitate to enforce it. Remember, you need proper risk management, but do not overdo it.

9. Open communication

All aspects of the project to strengthen communication is essential. Project to maintain an open communication mechanism to encourage all members to express their views and suggestions. This reduces the feedback cycle, thereby reducing the risk of error, saving time and money, project management, project manager Alliance

10. Cannot ignore the three elements: time, budget and quality of projects

Although the practice of project management is very flexible and open, but it has the same basic methodology. Only if you meet the time, cost and quality constraints of project, and submit the product to customer with satisfaction, that is a greate success. One of the major role of project manager is to make all team members aware of this. Time, cost and quality of these elements are very important.

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