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13 Taboos in Project Management

1. Do not lose the passion

People is always self-assured when start a new project, but it is difficult to maintain this and keep plentiful energy and passion in the long term. You know, if you expect a good end, only a good start is not enough.

2. Do not rush

Remember, the sooner you start, the later you finish. In a project cycle, inadequate planning will make you spend too much cost. Do not rush because of the pressure, so as to ignore the basic practice of project management methods.

3. Do not always say yes

Attempt to list all features of project in advance, the project will be over budget and have a negative return on investment. To learn make a choice, that is an art, and your accomplishment on this art will increase with continues practice. Demonstrate the important factors to project sponsors, and let them know why you want to discard unnecessary factors. Usually the factors which seem small and less important, will cost you a lot of money and time.

4. Do not favor anyone in the political conflict

Just keep neutral.

5. Do not forget to communicate

If communication is not your strong point, just to find a person in your project team who is good at it. If you are always busy with the technical aspects of the project, it is easy to ignore the communication. Make sure you or someone you trust communicate with the project stakeholders frequently.

6. Do not place the wrong person in the wrong position

An apple is an apple, even if you depict it as orange or wrap a colorful paper on it.

7. Do not let anyone in project team physical overdraft

We have to work overtime in sometime, but do not let anyone continue to work overtime without any breaks, this will make people unhealthy.

8. Do not make excuses

If you made ​​a mistake (everyone makes mistakes), admit it and then promptly correct.

9. Do not have unrealistic expectations

Just try to do current job well, you’ll get a good result.

10. Do not ignore problems

Guard against minor problems derived into serious problems. Once ignore them, you may get into hot water

11. Do not forget the blueprint in mind

We must maintain a delicate balance between resources and process, ensure that all the project work items converge at the right time, so as to achieve the maximum desired goal of the project, that is project manager’s duty.

12. Do not forget your team members

Remember to keep them full of fighting spirit, encourage and praise them timely.

13. Do not possess all credit

As Harry Truman once said, if you could not get someone else to pay, it is almost impossible to success. Share the credit with your team members, you’ll get much more from it.


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