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5pm – Online Project Management Software

What is 5pm?

5pm is an online tool and application service provider for project management and team collaboration developed by Quatre Group LLC – an American web development company based in USA, founded in 2005. 5pm combines AJAX and Adobe Flash technologies to build a customizable, single-page interface and is available in 16 languages.

Product History

5pm was first opened to the public in October 2007. Since, there has been multiple major upgrades, including two-way email integration in January 2008, Mobile Edition in September 2009, Time Tracker desktop widget in November 2009 and integration with Google Apps in the same month.

Why 5pm?

5pm is an online project management software that makes team collaboration easy. Keep and share your projects, tasks, notes and files, track progress and time, send alerts, generate reports – all in one place. It can be your central location for project and task management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and more…

Top Features


You can customize and build your own reports.

Time Report shows what everybody is working on and how much time they spend on it.

General Report is a universal report that allows you to filter your data by multiple parameters.

You can also export the data in CSV format and import it into other software like Excel or your invoicing tools. You can also print it out and take it with you anywhere.

Timeline view

5pm interactive timeline offers an alternative, Gantt-style view of your projects and tasks, their durations and dependencies.

You can filter the data by groups, project, dates ranges. You can switch between daily, weekly and monthly view. And, most important – you can drag around and and resize your projects and tasks directly in the Timeline.

Integration with email

5pm interacts with emails in both directions. You can send email notifications to the team when you create or edit projects, tasks, messages, etc.

You can also send emails to 5pm to create tasks, assign teams, attach files, add messages, etc.

No infrastructure needed

No installation needed. No IT department to maintain your servers. Just open an account and start using it through your web browser! Works on PC, Mac and Linux.

We handle the data, backup your information, update the application with new features and deal with all the logistics.

Mobile Edition

Access the mobile version from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile devices, etc.

Time Tracker desktop widget

Log time and submit it to 5pm with a desktop widget on your PC, Mac or Linux computer.

Integration with other products

5pm can export data in RSS and iCalendar feeds. It can connect to your Google Docs documents, import Gmail contacts, etc.

Try it

For more details, please visit 5pm website.

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