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Advanced Project Management Certification (APMC)

Advanced Project Management Certification: The Kerzner Approach® to Best Practices (APMC®) is for experienced project managers and senior level managers who want to build on expertise, acquire new skills and go beyond PMP® accreditation.

The APMC is a 66-hour certification program that earns you up to 66 PDUs and can be completed within a time period of three and 12 months. Live and fully interactive, APMC courses are led by top instructors and delivered online in our Virtual Classroom. (A customized curriculum can also be delivered to your company in a traditional classroom setting at the location of your choice.)

Comprised of required courses as well as electives, the APMC program lets you choose the project management courses that fit your needs, interests and schedule.

Eligibility and Prerequisites

Participants who wish to enroll in the APMC program need to have at least three years of project management practical experience. They must also have taken IIL’s Project Management Certificate Program: The Kerzner Approach to Project Management Excellence or equivalent.

Participants can waive up to TWO courses (required or elective) if they have taken them within the last one-year period from IIL. Please note participants must first take and pass the post-test to have the course waived. There will be a fee of USD 150 per course for this activity.

Who Should Attend

You should enroll in this program if you want to expand your knowledge by focusing on today’s higher-level strategic project management issues or dive deeper into more complex tactical challenges. This program is ideal if you are a PMP, since all courses in this program earn you PDUs necessary to maintain your certification.

Criteria for Achieving APMC Certification

The Advanced Project Management Certification is a live, online program where you have the power to choose the project management courses that fit your needs, interest and time. This 66-hour certification program earns you up to 66 PDUs and can be completed between 3 and 12 months. With the IIL Virtual Classroom environment not only can you learn at your own pace, you can do so without leaving your office.

In order to be awarded APMC certification, participants must:

  • Complete three required courses and three of the elective courses (see below)
  • Achieve a passing score of at least 70% on a 30-question online exam for each course (questions are in a multiple-choice format)

Performance Focus

With IIL, you learn from experts who are also practitioners. The APMC program focuses on analyzing current best practices from some of the most successful companies so you learn how they manage projects. You will also learn how to prepare your teams for the next frontier in project management; the secrets of balancing project/program objectives against organizational politics; and the ins and outs of supporting global projects/programs, both from a pragmatic and an interpersonal perspective.

IIL Virtual Classroom Environment

Thousands of companies have chosen IIL’s Virtual Classroom as a preferred learning method to meet the increased global training needs of their organizations. Benefit from our experience in the Virtual Classroom space, where we have been active for the past ten years. Our Virtual Classroom provides companies and individuals with interactive, efficient, quality training that is also cost-effective.

The online classes are led by our trainers in realtime, so you get the benefits of a live classroom situation in your office. The classes have a good balance of instructor-led learning, multimedia events, discussion, and a wide range of interactive exercises from self-reflection to team-based activities.

Worried about schedule conflicts?

Don’t be. APMC courses are offered to you real-time or recorded. If you cannot attend a live class, simply go to the archived class any time and you are all caught up.

Bring APMC to Your Company

If your company has a group of 12 or more employees to train, we can deliver the APMC curriculum to you in a private IIL Virtual Classroom or in a traditional classroom setting at the location of your choice.

IIL has collaborated with top global organizations to build unique and specialized APMC programs for their project professionals.

Work with one of our educational advisors to choose from select courses in our catalogue – or mix and match them with courses offered by your company – and create your own customized APMC curriculum.


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