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Agile Release Management: Go

Global distribution, poor collaboration and manual build, test and deployment processes mean expensive, risky, error-prone releases. You need to ship valuable new software fast and reliably to meet changing business goals – without compromising on quality. Go™ is an Agile Release Management platform for Agile ALM. It enables continuous delivery by facilitating collaboration between developers, testers, and IT operations in large-scale, distributed organizations. It allows you to manage large numbers of CI, testing and production environments centrally, and perform push-button deployments of software into them, while auditing where every bit came from. Continuous delivery capabilities are critical to successful Agile ALM programs and enable you to radically accelerate the value and return on IT investments.


Continuous Delivery

 Go provides rapid, automated feedback on the production readiness of your applications whenever changes are made to them. This enables you to release new functionality frequently and rapidly.

Collaborative, Reliable Releases

 Go bridges development, testing and IT operations – providing complete visibility to all stakeholders and enabling fully auditable, push-button deployments to testing and production environments.

Enterprise CI and RM

 Go reduces the risk of rapid, large-scale releases while providing consolidation of CI and testing infrastructure, complete traceability to meet compliance standards, and a collaborative release platform for your distributed team.

Fast, Reliable Releases

Go™ helps you make one-click deployments to testing and production environments in a fully automated, planned and predictable manner, eliminating the risk of panic-and-rollback. Developers and IT Operations plan and collaborate on the software release right from the word “go”, not at the end of a development phase. This helps management continuously identify and quantify risks, even as the application changes, and release reliably and predictably. Go provides continuous delivery capabilities that enable you to release high-quality working software that delivers value, and not un-deployable shelfware that incurs opportunity costs.

  • Collaborate effectively: Go provides a shared, usability-rich build, test and deploy platform, so developers, testers, and operations can release collaboratively.
  • Manage your entire release process: Go provides a powerful and unique workflow management system – deployment pipelines. They allow you to model your entire release process, and control the flow of changes as they move from build to testing to release.
  • Get real-time Visibility: Go’s deployment pipelines provide real-time actionable visibility into the status of each change and progress of the build as it moves from commit through to release.
  • Performance with Conformance: Delivering software fast doesn’t mean compromising on compliance. Go ensures complete traceability from version control to production and provides fine-grained permissions.
  • Enterprise CI: Go enables you to consolidate your CI infrastructure, manage it centrally, and provide it as a service to development teams.

Try it now!

Go comes in two editions: Go Community and Go Enterprise.
The Go Community Edition is free and is intended as a more capable alternative to other continuous integration servers. It is designed to allow small and medium sized teams to do continuous integration.
The powerful features exclusively found in Go Enterprise Edition include release management functionality in addition to enterprise continuous integration suitable for medium and large organizations. Go Enterprise Edition provides advanced functionality such as environment management, templates, and role-based security. This enables larger development teams to implement continuous integration and release management across their entire software portfolio.

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