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Banana Scrum – Online Scrum Tool

What is Banana Scrum?

Banana Scrum is an on-line Scrum tool that covers the Scrum process in its entirety. Meant to replace project walls and index cards it is digital and networked yet simple and clear. With Banana Scrum you can easily create and estimate your product backlog, create sprint calendar, plan sprints and monitor the progress in each sprint.

Banana Scrum Features

Here is the complete list of Banana Scrum features:

  • multiple projects each with separate project backlog, calendars and a slew of options to customize each of them to suit your needs,
  • project backlog with powerful tags and intuitive sorting of stories through drag and drop, which allows you to easily rank items that need to be done in the project,
  • sprint planning screen to assist you during your Sprint Planning meeting – you can easily assign items to a sprint,
  • sprint backlog – add tasks, estimate them, assign them to team members, then track progress,
  • impediment list to help the Scrum Master and the Team keep track of challenges that appear,
  • file attachments you can attach files to each user story on the backlog, great for attaching UI mockups, additional specs or anything else you might need,
  • extended formatting that makes your items descriptions even more expressive,
  • tags management which allows you to add new tags and assign colors to them to make your backlog even more readable,
  • CSV export to export your backlog items and tasks to a CSV file to store them off-site or process,
  • CSV import to import your user stories with assigned tasks quickly into backlog,
  • burndown chart that provides a visual feedback of your sprint progress,
  • burnup chart which is another way of tracking your team’s progress,
  • burndown story chart showing the progress in terms of closed backlog items,
  • workload chart shows how much work each particular user in your team has left,
  • print preview helps to give you a neat looking, suitable for printing product and sprint backlog,
  • admin panel with options for user and project management,
  • different roles including Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team Member,
  • intuitive, easy to use user interface,
  • separate accounts with multiple projects and users,
  • live update of the changes made by other members of a team thanks to our LiveSync feature,
  • support for pair programming letting you assign many users to a task,
  • item history which shows you complete history of the backlog item, it’s tasks, assignments, etc,
  • timeline view to help Product Owners see history and plan future of the project
  • planning markers which allow to set boundaries of the future sprints with drag and drop,
  • SSL connection to make sure your data is secured

Simplicity of a hosted tool

Banana Scrum is hosted on our servers, so there is nothing to set up. Just register your account, then create as many users & projects as you need, populate your backlog and start sprinting in less than 15 minutes. All you need is a modern web browser.


Scrum is a very simple framework. Banana Scrum is a very simple Scrum tool. Designed to help your team keep track of things, but never meant to replace your daily human interactions. A tool to know where you are, but not so complex as to blurr the picture. “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”, remember? It’s just a tool, it should never get in your way.

For more information, please visit Banana Scrum.


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  1. Tapan says:

    wanted to setup bananascrum in local server environment.

    its highly appreciated if you will give steps.

    Thanks in advance.

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