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Career Path to Project Manager

I’ve hopped around for a while attempting to discover a career path for myself and I also believe I might have found it. What I like about my current position (Project Assistant) might not be necessarily related or on the leading priority lists for numerous project managers, but I know that this is just the beginning and therefore my list will adjust.

1. Communication, communication, communication. Making sure everyone is clear with each other on specific tasks as well as the big picture.

2. Organization. Keeping track of the details of the large projects and often focusing much more on the smaller ones and attempting to manipulate with the couple of surprises that might filter in throughout the day.

3. Time efficiency. Attempting to keep each thing simple. A friend gave me this quote and I think it stands accurate: “Everything ought to be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

4. Management skills. No one wants to be kept having a timer and looked over the shoulder. I guess that wouldn’t keep anyone on any single project for that long. So I believe it is finest to follow up and maintain #1 and keep that “open door policy” actually open and it can be related to the project or to the weather!

5. Follow up. By email, phone, in individual, fax, etc. There need to often be some type of acknowledgment because the individual is waiting for a response and with our high tech field, it shouldn’t really feel like snail mail.

6. Educate. I’ve got so significantly to learn about my position and, much more so, about the field of software program development. So listening to other people and asking questions to educate myself has been a massive understanding curve. It is where, at the end of the day, I feel exhausted from absorbing the data and reviewing my notes.

You will find numerous other small points that may possibly relate, but I didn’t discover them here. Those are points like: mutual respect, willingness to understand, openness and adapting to the given environment-although it is essential to be adaptable to any environment even if it’s not work-related.


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