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Daily-Scrum : Scrum Project Management Tool

What is Daily-Scrum?

Daily-Scrum is the brand name of the system built to plan, track and manage Agile projects through a web-based application. The initial development started in 2008, and was during 2009 used by several pilot projects to ensure the system delivered the necessary functionality for iterative and incremental project. Daily-Scrum is still undergoing extensive development to add more functionality as customer requirements emerge.

Daily-Scrum has been developed by Scrum Masters and Project Managers, and has been heavily influenced by agile team members such as developers and people working in infrastructure environments.

Daily-Scrum supports traditional agile frameworks such as Scrum, DSDM, Extreme Programming, Adaptive Software Development, Crystal Methodologies and Lean. It is not required that any of these practices be followed, but a project must practice an incremental project approach with short timeboxed milestones.

Key Features

Product planning

Once a product idea has started to take shape, planning what the product will do is essential. Before development will start in a project, the normal approach is to initiate product planning.

Release planning and project forecasting

Once product planning has been done, shaping the product release timeline is the next step.

Sprint planning

An agile project is focused on frequent delivery of requirements. An iterative and incremental approach is necessary to converge an accurate business solution. Frequent planning and execution of sprints is the agile approach. A sprint is normally timeboxed to 2-4 weeks.

Project control – status tracking

In agile projects the team is in control of their work. The Product Owner controls the prioritization of the backlog, and the Scrum Master facilitates the teams approach on the process. Stakeholders provide input to the requirements and accept the solution.

System integration

Daily-Scrum has a RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) HTTP architecture, which simplifies integration. REST-style architectures consist of clients and servers.

Why Daily-Scrum

Daily-Scrum is a non-bureaucratic system built to support common Agile frameworks expressing its interface in Scrum terms. It can be easily understood by anyone, which has some experience with iterative and incremental development. Even though it has been designed with software development in mind, it can be used for a variety of IT related projects, such as infrastructure deployment.

Your existing project management approach or methodology does not appear to successfully deliver according to your expectations. You may not have an approach or methodology or may have an ad hoc approach, which your company has outgrown. Research says that many of projects fail, so why would you continue doing what you are doing not very well?

Your existing project management tools do not appear to support your needs in terms of holistic and in-depth insight. You may be using MS Project, and try your best to make either the project following the GANTT chart or you may try to adjust the GANTT chart to match the project process. You may  find it difficult to manage resource allocation, such as sharing resources between several projects.

You want to improve your competitiveness using an agile approach such as Scrum, but do not have a tool to support the process.

You have experience with Scrum – today’s practice is post-its on the wall. You would want to:

  • be able to share information between teams at multiple locations
  • increase traceability and visibility on project requirements
  • keep information transparency to all team members and stakeholders
  • keep and predict your project timelines, and increase your disposition of project resources
  • spend less time on discovering and follow up obstacles in your project
  • have in-dept knowledge of progress and earned value in a project
  • have better control on the changes that continuously emerge during the project.


Daily-Scrum is a planning and tracking tool for agile projects. It does not require projects to be Scrum projects even though the terminology used in the system builds on Scrum. Daily-Scrum is suitable for any Agile project methodology provided that the method is using timeboxing, sometimes called iterations, increments and sprints. Some examples of methodologies are Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive Software Development, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM Atern), Crystal, Lean Software Development and Scrum.

For more infomation, please visit Daily Scrum.


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