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Government Extension to the PMBOK® Guide Third Edition

The Government Extension to the PMBOK Guide outlines the guiding principles for government projects and provides a framework to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. Published in 2006, this new standard expands on information in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: (Pmbok Guide). It provides an overview of the key processes used in most public sectors, defines key terms, describes how government projects operate and reviews government program life cycles.

This extension to the PMBOK Guide provides an overview of key attributes of project governance that apply to most government organizations and that are generally recognized as good practices with widespread consensus about their value and usefulness. It is not designed as a replacement for the PMBOK, but is an extension to it, providing how to adapt the PMBOK material for this arena. *Not* a stand-alone read or concepts for general use in itself, but if you’re in this area the value is that it maps between the PMBOK and government use. Most of the mappings are simply pointing to the PMBOK or pointing to the PMBOK with an alteration provided.

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