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How to manage the leader for Project Managers

All people will agree that communication skills are very important, but what is the connotation of it? I think it is: clearly, delivery, and guide people toward the performance of the development of your expectations. Here the “people”, including your leaders.
Before the start of a project, and when ongoing, communicating with your leaders well is the biggest success of the project protection. But how to communicate well with your leaders?

Manage your leader

A friend said that Project Manager has the right to deploy resources. In reality, the biggest limitation of project is money in addition to resources, resources are controlled by functional leaders in many cases, and Project Manager doesn’t have the right to acquire resources easily. But the leaders have often felt that is enough ah, you finish it for me.

Project Manager should learn to say “no”, when the plan would be unrealistic, but definitely not up to shout slogans, but to have skills on the argument that “Goal – Step – Difficult – Plan – Resources “, the leaders will be easier to accept.

That is: Our goal is to achieve what effect, there is scope for that; steps is 1,2,3,4, which do first; difficulty is which areas prone to error, whether technical problems or management difficulties, Project Manager should take them into account.

For example, technology applied inthe  project is difficult, and management does not have a rule and so on. Because of these difficulties and goals, how much time we need (maintain appropriate reserves) – because to achieve this plan, what resources we need.

Leaders to hear the end, ah, it makes sense, he would weigh, and give you resources, what? do not give? Ok, to re-bargain, should the target  change? should the time extend? should narrow the scope? … of course , Project Manager will get their own things finally.

Or whether the process of setting goals, you need resources, it can try to use this method. Although resources are often leading to master, but as the Project Manager must remember that leader is our resources, you use his way of thinking, and led him to think. You have to learn to manage your leader.

Expose problems to leader

Even if these resources are at hand, can we make sure that there is no any problem in the project? Of course not. Wise and experienced leaders know that the project must have problems, they do not expect no problems existing in project,  they just want to control adn solve them.

Project manager should not hide the problems, on the contrary, you should expose problems in the process., and the leader  will help you solve the problem, you’re more of a strong resources.

Exposure problem is to say: What is the problem? Why would they exist if not resolved?  thinking these probelms based on the objectives, scope, schedule, quality, customer satisfaction, and the budget. What is the solution you think? – For the above six dimensions, what are the limitations and benefits of each?  That will promote you make the decision.

If you do not have solutions, asked the boss, how to do ah?

But no matter who gave the solution, you must ultimately make it clear what is the impact on the objectives, scope, schedule, quality, customer satisfaction, and budget.

Make sense of your leader, although it may go wrong again, but you at least make the problem be in control. He can sleep before next problem came out.

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