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iceScrum – Free Agile Development Platform

What is iceScrum?

iceScrum is the free platform for your agile developments, it is designed for Scrum, the most popular agile method. For the last 5 years it has grown around the Scrum pillars: Backlog, Sprint, ScrumMaster and Product Owner and helps teams with the ceremonies.

Key Features

Product Backlog

The backlog is at the core of Scrum; it contains the stories. With iceScrum, the Product Owner manages virtual sticky notes; he or she selects, extends or moves them around easily to manage priorities. Thus, the team always benefits from a ready-to-use backlog.

Release Plan

The stories are associated with sprints in order to provide an outlook of a few months. With iceScrum, planning can be either automatic or as easy as moving sticky notes within sprints, taking into account the team capacity.

Sprint plan

Team members create tasks to implement the stories of the sprint. They monitor their activity with a visual dashboard. With iceScrum, the team gets a Scrum board that allows each member to define, pick, start or finish a task of the sprint. Some Kanban practices like WIP limit are also available.


The sandbox is an extension of the backlog provided by iceScrum. All the stakeholders can use this space to comment stories in order to help the Product Owner decide what to do next with this story: for example accept it in the backlog or tag it as an urgent task.


A view gathering all the important data about the project: indicators, recent modifications, vision, definition of finished, retrospective.


A graphical view showing the project life-cycle with releases and sprints. It enables each member to visualize the state of the product.


Users of the product with their characteristics. Actors are used in the stories of the backlog. With iceScrum, the characteristics of actors can be defined and the stories can be filtered according to these characteristics.


A product is broken down into features which are essential to the users. With iceScrum, features are gathered in a backlog and can be prioritized according to their value. iceScrum provides the capability to easily associate a story with a feature.


A team is composed of members including a Product Owner and a ScrumMaster. iceScrum manages roles and rights with flexibility. It is possible to join a team, to change a role, and to choose an avatar.


iceScrum automatically produces indicators at the sprint, release and product level. The most representative Scrum indicators such as the burndown chart and its variants (burnup, parking lot, cumulative flows) are present.

Open Source

iceScrum is a Free and Open Source Software, mainly available under GNU Affero GPL V3, and partly available under LGPL V3. The worldwide community is steadily growing, with more than 3000 downloads per month. You can download it from here.


Going far beyond Scrum, iceScrum eases the team’s transition towards agility. It helps implementing the key agile practices: vision, features, user stories, effort estimation with Planning Poker, task board, …


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