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Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) services allow your organization to rollout faster with higher reliability, performance, and security than typically experienced with onsite deployments. Available on demand products include:

  • Microsoft Project Server 2010
  • Microsoft Project Server 2007
  • Project Online
  • Project Migration Online

On Demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Available Services:
No matter where you are in the evaluation or deployment process, on demand Microsoft EPM solution can help:

  • Online Tours are a way to quickly familiarize yourself with the product
  • Proof of Concept Trials allow your organization to try a customized version of the solution for 30 to 60 days using your own data
  • Interim Hosting is a way to rapidly rollout the solution while retaining the flexibility to move it on-premise at any time
  • Long-Term Hosting is a cost effective, secure way to avoid the IT demands of supporting your own EPM environment

Benefits of On Demand Microsoft EPM:

  • Deploy Rapidly: Hosted Microsoft Enterprise Project Management is typically deployed in 5 to 10 business days. Our infrastructure and experience allows you to short cut the deployment process and avoid the typical two month or longer delay required for in-house IT departments to purchase and install the hardware and software required for the Microsoft EPM solution.
  • Retain Flexibility: Our on demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management environments do not lock you in to a long-term hosted deployment ?your organization retains the flexibility to migrate your deployment onsite. Flexible contracts, including month-to-month or longer terms, provide you with the choice of migrating your environment onsite or keeping it hosted. You also have the flexibility to supply some or all of the required Microsoft licenses or rent the licenses from Project Hosts.
  • Higher Reliability: Microsoft Enterprise Project Management employs a wide variety of Microsoft technologies and your IT department may not have the in-house experience to support its deployment or maintenance. Leverage our accumulated experience and extensive EPM infrastructure to experience higher reliability and system uptime than is possible with an in-house deployment. Standby replacements for all hardware in our data centers allow for rapid recovery in the event of a hardware failure. All of our environments are hosted in Tier-1 data centers with multiple levels of redundancy against data center failures, also.
  • Cost Effective: On demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management reduces the upfront cost of deploying an EPM solution and results in a shorter payback period and higher ROI. We provide the server infrastructure and, optionally, the required software licenses to reduce the upfront cost to deploy Microsoft EPM.
  • Secure Data: We utilize seven layers of physical, network, and application data security to keep your data safe and available. Our phased onsite and offsite data backup prevents significant data loss even in the case of a catastrophic system failure with rapid data restore available in case of data loss or corruption.

Hosting Options and Pricing:
Low, month-to-month pricing makes on demand Microsoft Enterprise Project Management an affordable, flexible choice. Longer-term contracts can provide even greater savings. Rent the required software licenses or lower the monthly fees by providing your own Microsoft licenses.

A successful Microsoft Enterprise Project Management deployment, either onsite or hosted, is often best implemented by engaging with a Microsoft partner that will identify your requirements, configure the solution, and train your users.


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