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OnTime – Scrum Tool

What is OnTime?

OnTime is a scrum project management software that is used by software developers for bug tracking, requirements management, issue/defect tracking and more.

Who makes OnTime?

Axosoft LLC was founded in 2002, when Hamid Shojaee created the first OnTime.

Why does OnTime exist?

OnTime provides software developers an enterprise solution for agile project management. With OnTime, project managers are able to allocate the appropriate work to the right person. With a drag-and-drop user interface, things can be done in seconds rather than minutes, allowing for more time to code and less time in OnTime.

How much does OnTime cost?

Depending on your development team size and what benefits you are looking to get from OnTime, Axosoft offers various options for your team. OnTime comes in three different versions: Express ($29/month), Professional (Starts at $79/month), and Enterprise ($3,595/year).  One thing to note is that a 1-user license for OnTime Professional is free for life.

OnTime Key Scrum related Features

Product Backlog

OnTime tracks everything in a hierarchical, logical, easy-to-find-and-follow kind of way. Organize user stories into projects and sub-projects, and then drag-and-drop those user items into sprints and releases. OnTime’s user interface is flexible, so you can group your backlog by priority, status, due date, assignee, or any other field that helps your development team. Custom fields allows for you to create a field that makes sense for your product.

Sprint and Release Management

Clearly identify which user stories or features belong with each sprint, easily indicating what your development team has to work on and complete. OnTime allows you to manage your sprints by release/version, product or both. OnTime can automatically calculate sprint durations and burndown charts can be viewed by sprint or even rolled up to the release or product levels.

Burndown Charts

Burndown charts are one of the pillars of the scrum methodology and OnTime allows for development teams to easily view up-to-day burndown charts that are automatically generated based on original estimates, work completed, and updated estimates. You can see at any given time your team’s development progress, how much work is left before finishing, the actual due date and project due date based on the team’s current development velocity.

Scrum Planning Board

Visually see what items are in your backlog with drag-and-drop capabilities, you can quickly organize everything. Move items to the correct workflow step depending on your user permissions. On each item card, you can see the item number, average rating of the item, item name, the priority, time remaining for the item, work progress, time worked, who it is assigned to and to which release.

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