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Planning capacity of project manager

The ability of planning is the most important capability for project manager, including target identification, multi-communication, resource negotiations, obtain commitments, set milestones and so on.

We are often asked by the project manager, what capacity is the heaviest! We say, for project manager, the most important ability is the planning capacity. Should be said that the modern enterprise, planning ability to achieve high standards of any task is beneficial, even play a decisive role. In the large, successful management of complex projects, it is especially important, the project is to provide a project plan to be successful from the start to the roadmap, there is a problem in project planning, the project will certainly fail.

The project planning work, from the results, may be a progress plan and related budget documents, but the process to achieve this result, the communication and information processing skills needed to determine the actual resource requirements and the necessary administrative support, it requires little or no formal powers given to the case, with all relevant staff (senior managers, line managers) negotiating the necessary resources, and access commitments, but also including the deduction of the ability to predictable results.

Effective planning requires the project manager has the ability to:

  • Identifying the target
  • Multi-Union communications
  • Negotiations
  • Been promised
  • Identify measurable milestones

Above capacity, in addition to set milestones, almost all communication and coordination skills at work, so we think that the real high-performance project manager role is simply not a technical but a management role (although the majority of national project managers project in the wrong play the role of members of the core technology).

In addition, the project manager must also ensure viability of the scheme. Project scope and depth of change is inevitable, plans must be revised to reflect this formal change, and it must be the guide throughout the project life cycle documents, an obsolete, meaningless plan is useless. More importantly, this standardization of control of the change process will help the project to change the Client be treated with caution.

Finally, the project manager needs to pay attention to planning, is it a little too refined? We know a real estate company, will be a one-year large-scale investment projects to control every hour, this result is certainly not going to happen, but will lead to repeated changes to plan allows customers, members, managers, line manager’s dissatisfaction. Therefore, the project manager must be given greater flexibility in planning and dynamic look at the whole process of the project, to prevent this from happening.

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