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PlanTogether Software

PlanTogether is a software tool designed to aid the Project Team to manage ‘Project Scope’ tasks.

Project Scope, the work needed to be accomplished, to deliver the product or service to the design specification.

PlanTogether isn’t a project management tool but a software link between the project manager and the project team.

  • PlanTogether uses a multi-layered display to allow complex plans to be simplified.
  • PlanTogether is a project plan and a project directory, creating transparency of data and a truly collaborative project.
  • PlanTogether has a search engine allowing the plan to be searched. Find people, commodities or results.

The Display.
PlanTogether structures the Project Plan in a multi-layered Gantt / Bar chart.
This unique display style ensures even complex Project Plans remain simple and easy to navigate giving a greater understanding of the Project Scope.
The plan can be structure in a way that is in tune with the people who will view it, it will show what they need to find, in effect creating multiple ways of showing the plan.

Plan and Directory
PlanTogether allows task results and comments to be saved back to the plan, in effect; the plan becomes the project log. The plan dictates the tasks, and records the results.
The saving of task results back to the plan ensure all team members can easily find all project data and overcomes the problem of ‘I need to read somebody else’s results and comments before I start my activity.’

Search the Plan
PlanTogether has a search engine. As each task on the plan can have information explaining that task and detailing the results embedded into the task it means the entire plan is searchable.
The combination of the plan being the project log and the entire plan being searchable mean it’s always easy to find the information required.

PlanTogether is a new tool not yet commercially released.
We are looking for interested people to use and comment on the software.

If you are interested in the product and would like to use it for free please go to our website: and contact us through the Contact Us form.


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