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PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is an efficient process-based strategy for project management. This post will briefly discuss PRINCE2 and the best way to make sure the methodology is implemented into the workplace.

PRINCE2 is really a process-based approach for managing projects. It helps to function out who need to be involved in a project, their role and their responsibilities. PRINCE2 has a set of processes to function by way of and it explains what data wants to be gathered. The method is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced globally.

The majority of organisations that wish to use PRINCE2 as their chosen project management methodology begin with accredited training. Training is actually a necessity as it really is a complex method with several processes and angles; and the training will supply every person with the information they want to manage a project with an understanding of the terminology employed.

PRINCE2 is very adaptable and might be applied to all sorts of projects, regardless of how large or little the project is; even projects lasting several days will benefit from selective application of PRINCE2 guidelines. In a training environment the principles sound logical, but putting theory into practice might be a distinct story. Occasionally users of PRINCE2 struggle with fully understanding how the approach can improve a project. This can lead to a fervent adherence to unnecessary levels of formality and detail – consequently giving the impression PRINCE2 is bureaucratic and filled with rules and regulations. Equally it could result in inappropriate shortcuts becoming taken in projects, which can undermine the integrity of the method and also the control and management of risk it supplies.

An organisation might require aid with implementing PRINCE2 if, for instance:

  • It truly is the very first time PRINCE2 will likely be used within the organisation or team
  • PRINCE2 has already been implemented into the organisation but organization positive aspects aren’t becoming fully realised.
  • The enterprise wants to guarantee they’re PRINCE2 compliant (using the Project, Programme and Portfolio Management Maturity Model)
  • The company is thinking about gaining a recognised accreditation for its project management processes

To implement PRINCE2 the procedure may be treated as a project, which has been completed by numerous organisations. An alternative alternative can be a PRINCE2 enterprise mentor/coach. The objective of mentoring/coaching would be to make sure the embedment of PRINCE2 concepts that had been learnt in the course of training so that full transference of skills might be transferred into the workplace.

PRINCE2 mentors/coaches specialise in assisting organisations with the management of change that’s required to implement PRINCE2 successfully. They can supply guidance and support during the implementation of PRINCE2 through a combination of coaching, mentoring and training and ensuring the suitable skills are nurtured. They also present one-to-one sessions with people to support them in their new or enhanced role, give briefings or workshops for small groups with particular roles or responsibilities, and/or remote support by telephone or e-mail.

The role of mentor and coach do differ. Mentoring is “a method in which the mentor serves as a role model, trusted counsellor, or teacher who offers opportunities for development, growth, and support to less experienced people.” Mentors typically take a “hands-on approach” and have distinct understanding and expertise in 1 or more areas. A coach “is a person who supports folks (customers) to attain their goals, with objective setting, encouragement and questions… a coach rarely delivers suggestions.”

The key to success with PRINCE2 would be to bear in mind it truly is adaptable and might be tailored for all project varieties regardless of business and marketplace. Implementing PRINCE2 is more than offering staff with training – it is about establishing project management very best practice into the working culture, and achieving organisational benefits by way of improved project governance.

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    This may once you are back at work, it’s a PRINCE2 health check which allow you to check you are delivery in accordance to the PRINCE2 methodology, its free to use and located here . Hope it helps and drives the use of PRINCE2!


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