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Project Change Management

The change management procedure is key to the productive outcome of a project. The method ensures that every change introduced is properly defined, considered and approved before implementation. Change management contains four stages:

  • Proposing a change
  • Summary of impact
  • Decision
  • Implementing a change

Proposing a Change

This process give the ability to anyone inside the team (including the customer) to propose a change to a project. The proposal need to contain a description of the change and expected positive aspects or other reason for the change and is presented making use of a Change Request Form.

Summary of Impact

This process is carried out by the project manager who will log the change and contemplate the overall impact on the project. The following will be regarded as:

  • Quantifiable cost savings and/or rewards
  • Estimated cost
  • Impact on timescales
  • Further resources necessary
  • Impact on other projects and activities
  • Further risk and issues

Following this assessment, the project manager will make a recommendation whether or not to implement the change.


This process entails a review of the change request by an approved authority who will consider all of the information provided by the person making the request as well as the project manager. The decision will usually be to accept, accept with comments and/or special conditions or reject.

Implementing a Change

If the change is approved it really is scheduled, implemented and closed within the Change Log.


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