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Project Management Software Selection

Project management is a branch of the discipline of management, means the use of specific project activities in the knowledge, skills, tools and methods to enable the project to qualify under the conditions of limited resources, to achieve or exceed the set requirements and expectations.

Software-based project management tool or project management software, from software point of reference for the project managers and help the general sense, the project management software, including all aspects of project management functions, such as: project management, cost control, resource management, knowledge and experience of management. We also call such a software project management system.

Modern project management tool is no longer confined to project managers to help, but a platform for the entire project team, project members can directly expand the project management system project report on the progress of work.

Project Management Tool

Project management tool should have the basic functions are:

Plan, task scheduling

Users scheduled start date for each task, expected duration, and clearly the sequence of each task and the available resources. Project management system based on the scheduled task information and resources to the project schedule information, and modification tasks and resources with the adjusted schedule

Project monitoring and tracking

Project management system can track a variety of activities, such as the completion of tasks, cost, resource consumption, work distribution. The usual practice is a user-defined plan, in the actual implementation process, based on the current usage of resources or the progress of the project, a certain degree of adjustment.

Query report and statistics

Compared with the manual, the project management system can be a prominent feature is the basis of user data, quickly and easily generate multiple reports and charts, such as “Resource Usage” table, “Task Usage” table, the progress chart other, more user-intuitive grasp of project managers master the progress of the project.

Management of multiple projects and subprojects

Some projects large and complex as a single project management more difficult. Which is broken down into sub, you can view each sub-project, respectively, more manageable.

In addition, larger companies, a member of both the work involved in the case of multiple projects is also very common, which requires allocation of time across multiple projects.

Import and Export

Many project management systems allow users from other software or standard document format for data, such as Excel, XML, or some database-related format, thus greatly facilitate the initial establishment of project managers Project data.

Typically, the project management system can also send items via e-mail messages, so that project personnel can access information via e-mail from the system, to facilitate the work of project members.

Support for the industry

Project management for various industries also have their own specific needs, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, research and development, software and other industries have their own special needs of project management, because these specific needs exist, it is not necessarily a project management system can be applied to all industries and enterprises.

R & D project management system

R & D enterprise project management system for higher requirements, usually listed in the following these requirements:

Requirement Management

Requirement management is the starting point of the project teams, a lot of confusion in the process of project development are caused by improper requirement management. Requirement management of project begins with requirements gathering, and through the entire project life cycle, trying to achieve the final product with the best combination of demand.

Defect Management

Defect management is obtained in the project life cycle, management, communication processes of any defects (defects of the recommendations from the final solution to the defect). Defects can be tracked to ensure that your administration not lost.

Test Management
Test is the product of the project development process (code, documentation, etc.) error review, a process to ensure its quality, the management of this process is called Test Management (Test Management), software test management in many enterprises is particularly important.


These specific needs, is essential for R & D enterprise, but not an ordinary project management system can do, so R & D enterprise project management system selection in the study, it must give more consideration to these needs can be meet, for many companies, project management must be supported by project management tools, choosing a suitable project management tool is particularly important, I will write a follow-up to introduce project management tool article.


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