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Project Management with Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is project management software created by Microsoft. It is also referred to as MS Project. This software is primarily intended for project managers to generate project plans needed for the successful execution of a project. MS Project gives all the capabilities necessary for a project manager to strategy for a wide range of projects.

Project Managers typically need to know the manpower resources obtainable to begin producing a schedule for completing the project’s activities. The activities are referred to as tasks in MS Project. There are main level tasks, that are typically referred to as the milestones in the project. Under each milestone, there are activity level tasks. Based on the resources offered, project managers attempt to arrive at a schedule for the activity job. The schedule is nothing but the period inside which the task may be completed with the obtainable resources.

In a MS Project plan, the begin date and the end date of the job are specified by using a calendar utility obtainable in MS Project. This schedule is arrived at based on the past history information obtainable for a project activity of a similar nature. Project managers can get to see the graphical representation of the resources allocated to each task as well as the completion of each job by creating use of the Gantt chart view available in MS Project. Based on these graphs, project managers can know the load carried by individual resources and see if any individual has been overloaded. In that case, the project manager can do resource leveling, wherein the obtainable task is uniformly distributed to all the team members.

Microsoft has released both Windows and Mac versions of the MS Project software. The most current version offered in the market is MS Project 2010, which is compatible with essentially the most existing versions of Windows for example Windows Vista and Windows 7. This software is available in different modes, based on the requirement of the user. There’s a client only mode, where MS Project client runs on one PC and there is a server mode where both the client and the server run within the same system and can be accessed from others. All the data that has been entered in the client front-end interface is stored in one server database. This will be helpful when the information within the server database is being shared by numerous MS Project clients running simultaneously on several individual computers.

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