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ScrumDesk – Scrum Project Management Tool

What is ScrumDesk?

ScrumDesk is software tool suitable for onsite or distributed hierarchical teams to manage their agile projects. Simulates virtual story board shared by team members online. Allows to plan multiple releases and sprints in intuitive, easy to learn environment. Offers rich set of velocity and capacity statistics for more accurate planning. Supports visibility of backlog using unique treemap view. Tracks daily progress in burn down or burn up charts as well as impediments. Manages time using Pomodoro. Helping to improve process by retrospective with voting. Presents the status of your project in reports or printed documents.

Key Features


    • Centralize project details.
    • Keep project documents in one place.
    • Manage teams, templates and customize ScrumDesk to represent your project.


    • Organize team members into hierarchical subteams.
    • Let the team to be represented as avatar or picture.


    • Do you need to know what happened since you was away?
    • Activities will inform you about the latest changes.

Visual taskboard

    • Visualize backlog stories in a taskboard.
    • Move cards around, zoom in to see details, zoom out to have an overview.
    • Examine your backlog using grid, treemap or Kanban board.
    • Apply filter to find stories. Search for information.


    • Is your backlog huge? Is it hard to find if team works on the most important stories?
    • Do you need to find what is most valuable and important to develop now?
    • Use treemap to see stories colored based on one attributed and sized based on another.


    • A card provides information necessary for daily work.
    • Keep acceptance criteria, business value and risks. Evaluate necessity applying Kano model.
    • See history, impediments and comments.
    • Draw dependencies. Categorize stories usingthemes, tags, releases and sprints.
    • Estimate effort using modified Fibonacci scale.
    • Keep related documents, screenshots and links  attached to story.


    • Access documents and files related to project, releases, sprints or stories.
    • Capture screenshots and attach them immediately.
    • Share files across locations and teams.


    • Contact team working on the project or story.
    • Call them using Skype or Microsft Office Communicator.
    • Send them an email or access theirs blog.
    • ScrumDesk will notify team members about the latest changes via email and integrated real-time messaging.
    • Team members can easy contact product owners and send them screenshot of the board anytime.


    • Let the team to provide ideas for improvements.
    • Let team members to vote for most valuable ideas.
    • Track the status of ideas’ implementation.


    • Reports are measures of project, stories, people and value.
    • See agile metrics, overall statistics, burn down or burn up charts.
    • Visualize value added.
    • Access timesheets.


    • Get printed information with you.
    • Export information into Microsoft Excel or PDF format.
    • Write us if you need different document or layout.

Integration with 3rd party tools

  • Support export information into Microsoft Excelor Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Import users into ScrumDesk from your LDAP server.
  • Use  ScrumDesk Synchronization Hub to support full synchronization of ScrumDesk and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Hook Subversion and integrate it with stories in ScrumDesk.
  • REST API available for integration of ScrumDesk into your solutions.

Try it

ScrumDesk is free for up to 5 users. Register and choose where you want your database is going to be located. On-Site or On-Demand. For more infomation, please visit ScrumDesk site.


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