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ScrumWorks Pro: Scrum Project Management Tool


More so than any other agile management software, ScrumWorks Pro is designed for the enterprise. It is capable of scaling to meet the needs of large enterprise installations, while reinforcing Scrum’s principles and processes.

ScrumWorks Pro Features

Product Management

ScrumWorks Pro builds agile principles into the product management workflow, allowing users to define and prioritize work, manage product release cycles, while also monitoring sprint progress at the team level. Some of the rich agile product management functionality includes:

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Project milestone management
  • Epics for project scope goals
  • Product management with business weighting and ROI
  • Categorization of work using “Themes”
  • Customized views with dockable components
  • Comment threads per artifact

Iteration Management

Iteration management with ScrumWorks Pro is simple and intuitive. Users can define “sprints” of arbitrary length, transfer items from the product backlog to the sprint backlog using drag-and-drop, and manage tasks quickly. Some of the rich functionality that enables ScrumWorks Pro’s sprint management includes:

  • Team task board
  • Sprint task tracking
  • “My Tasks” View
  • Timesheets and time tracking
  • Impediment Tracking
  • Custom iteration calendars

Program Management

“Programs” represent a collection of related Products. Used to model cross-cutting date and feature goals, Programs can have date-driven milestones, as well as high level feature milestones called “Epics”.

  • Program Management – coordinate multiple projects
  • Manage and track cross-cutting date and feature goals
  • Flexibility to model “shared component” or “core systems”

Reporting and Analytics

Scrum is unique in its use of empirical data to forecast release dates and ScrumWorks Pro contains extensive reporting and analytics capabilities that are reality-based and Scrum-specific. The tool tracks such metrics as velocity, the rate at which the software is completed; the rate of requirements change; and the rate at which value is added to the product. This data can then be used to generate reports and forecasts that are always rooted in reality.

  • Real-time custom dashboards
  • Team average velocity chart
  • Milestone completion forecast analysis
  • Burndown charts filtered by Theme
  • Burndown trending options
  • Milestone burn-up chart with completion forecast
  • Lean cycle time chart
  • Cross-Product status reporting
  • Estimated vs. actuals report
  • Time spent by theme
  • Auditable change log

Data Accessibility

ScrumWorks Pro simplifies data management with its rich import and export capabilities as well as a full web services API.

  • Full Excel® import/export
  • Print to cards
  • Web services API
  • Database backups
  • Email notifications of events

User Management

ScrumWorks Pro’s robust user management platform gives users complete control over access to data and functions by role. Its intuitive template system simplifies and centralizes role management. Best of all, ScrumWorks Pro seamlessly integrates with organizations’ existing LDAP-based enterprise authentication directories, making logging in easier for administrators and users alike.


Because ScrumWorks Pro, like Scrum itself, is designed to work within organizations’ existing infrastructures, the tool integrates with a range of popular development platforms and tools. The new version of ScrumWorks Pro is fully integrated with the CollabNet TeamForge™ ALM platform, creating an end-to-end Agile ALM platform for distributed agile software development. ScrumWorks Pro also integrates with the widely used defect tracking tools for Bugzilla and JIRA, with future integrations planned for best-of-breed requirements management, testing and defect tracking.

ScrumWorks Pro vs ScrumWorks Basic

Scrum have two edtion: ScrumWorks Basic (free) and ScrumWorks Pro (require license), following table shows their differences:

Try it

When evaluating software, there’s no substitute for using it. CollabNet offers users a 35-day trial of ScrumWorks Pro to aid your assessment of the tool. You can get it from

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