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Scrumy – Scrum Project Management Tool


Scrumy is a project management tool loosely based off of Scrum.

Who made this thing?

A few guys with ridiculous mustaches and inconsistent accents.

Why does Scrumy exist?

We were attempting to use Scrum to manage our projects, but the generic sticky notes we bought kept falling off the wall. We looked for online solutions to scrum, but all of them were too complicated and expensive. All we really wanted was an online version of our wall sticky notes. So we made one.

How much does Scrumy cost?

The original version of Scrumy is and will always be available for free. However, we did take some time to add a few extra features which you can get by clicking the upgrade link on your project. You can upgrade for $7/month, or $5/month if you prepay for a year.

Key Features


Sprints allow you to organize your tasks based on time. Your current sprint shows up on your board by default. Future sprints are for tasks that you know you won’t get to during the current sprint. This allows you to create tasks right when you think of them without cluttering your current sprint.


The backlog is a place to store and prioritize stories that are not ready to be split into individual tasks and that you don’t want to add to a sprint yet. You can change the priority of a story in the backlog simply by dragging it to a new one.

Burndown Charts

A Burndown Chart is a graphical representation of work you’ve done during a sprint. You can use this to monitor your progress during a sprint. And you can see Burndown Charts from past sprints in the Dashboard to plan better for the next sprint.


Every day at around 11pm (in your timezone), we take a snapshot of your project. This allows you to look back on the past and watch your progress. It also allows you to take tasks from the past and copy them to your current or future sprint.

Live Updating

If you are using your Scrumy project at the same time as other people, whenever you make a change, everyone who is viewing the board will see the change happen instantly. So if your tasks suddenly start moving around and glowing, don’t worry, they’re not radioactive. It’s because someone else is making changes to your project. You can turn this feature off by clicking the “online” link next to your project name. If the link says “offline” you will not receive updates from other users of the project until you refresh.


So you’re a computer and you prefer parsing XML to looking at a pretty UI. Well, we’ve got just the thing for you: A REST API! If you want to build your own functionality using your Scrumy data, you can do just that.

For more infomation, please visit Scrumy Site.


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