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Sprintometer – Free Agile Project Management Tool

What is Sprintometer?

Sprintometer is a simple but powerful agile tool for management and tracking of SCRUM and XP (Extreme Programming) projects. In June 2009 the application received the highest possible rating from a well known download site tucows.

Sprintometer was originally created by people working on Agile projects for their own purposes and now is available as freeware product. We tried to do this tool simple, quick, reliable, user friendly and original. During development of this tool we in turn used many powerful agile ideas.

New version of Sprintometer 5.06 was recently released. Preparation of next versions is in progress – we are continually working on product improvement collecting feedback from the tool users.

Key Features

  • SCRUM & XP (Extreme Programming) projects tracking
  • Any national characters in project data
  • Unique 3D Burn Down chart and other useful charts
  • Unique support for standalone and server mode with one client
  • Tracking of sprint/iteration with variable team composition
  • User defined work types
  • Prediction of deviation from sprint/iteration plan
  • Export to MS Excel & ODF Spreadsheet for all charts and spreadsheets
  • Multiple Undo/Redo support
  • Modern and user friendly GUI in Microsoft Office 2007 style
  • Assignment of resources to Tasks and User Stories
  • Runs under Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Easy GUI translation to any language
  • Sample SCRUM and XP projects are included

Agile tracking tips

  • Tracking is not in center of agile development, it is just useful supplementary tool
  • Measure User Stories’ implementation progress but not developers’ work time
  • Focus on the whole team productivity but not on personal input
  • Team member should not spend more than 2 minutes daily for progress reporting


Sprintometer is a free modern agile tool for SCRUM and XP projects management and tracking, that can improve your team efficiency greately. For more details you can download PDF documentation or use online help.


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