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The Secrets of PMI’s PDU

A project manager has to be a lot of points. To name just some, a PM has to be an excellent communicator, a leader, a visionary, and have the ability to both create and inspire the team. 1st and foremost, nonetheless, a project manager has to be proactive. We employ techniques to strategy the future in order to proactively minimise risk on our projects so that we can deliver on time and on budget.

Why then is it that when November comes around you are able to hear a collective groan rise from the worldwide community of PMPs as they ask, where they could rapidly get 20, 30 or even 40 or a lot more PDUs just before the year is by way of? Is this basically a case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes? No. I think that this is an acute case of the PMP community not even trying to proactively comprehend the PMI’s recertification requirements. I’m writing this in July of 2008, there are seven more months within the year, and I want to enable you to comprehend how you can very quickly gain all of the PDUs you will need prior to the year is by means of.

The authoritative source with regards to your PMP recertification will be the PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements Handbook. This 10-page document might be found on inside the Career Development section. It contains everything you need to know about your recertification. Like so many PMI documents, it really is (a) extremely nicely hidden on their internet site and (b) rather dry and needs some explaining. In a nutshell, you are able to gain PDUs in five categories and I will highlight them nowadays to show you how simple it’s.

Category 1 is referred to as Formal Academic Education. If you’re presently enrolled in an academic course that includes classes on project and/or programme management then it is possible to claim 15 PDUs for a typical 15-week semester. To calculate Category 1 PDUs I suggest that you speak with your university also as the PMI to make sure that you claim the correct quantity.

Category 2 provides a number of opportunities to claim PDUs based on your Professional Activities and Self-Directed Studying. There are plenty of sub-categories that make collecting PDUs easy. Here are four examples:

  • Claim up to 40 PDUs for authoring a book.
  • In the event you work 1,500 hours per year as a project manager, it is possible to claim up to 15 PDUs. Yes, you get PDUs just for being a PM.
  • Teaching a project management course gives up to 10 PDUs.
  • Be a speaker at your nearby PMI chapter dinner meeting and claim 5 PDUs.

The absolute easiest method to claim PDUs in this category, nevertheless, will be the sub-category for Self Directed Studying. Here it is possible to claim yet another 15 PDUs for a number of easy, self-study activities. The ones that I recommend are to read a project management book or – even much better – listen to a project management Podcast. It is possible to locate about six no cost such podcasts by googling the term “project management podcast”

This brings us to Category three, which refers to attending educational programs offered by one of PMI’s several Registered Education Providers (REP). A cost successful way would be to talk to your nearby PMI chapter. Most give a monthly dinner meeting (1 PDU) or monthly seminars (1 PDU per seminar hour) at a extremely low price to you. Some PMI Chapters and PMI Particular Interest Groups (SIGs) even give on-line webinars with PDUs. And then, you can find of course hundreds of training firms that have the REP status and supply qualifying in-person and on-line classes.

You also obtain 1 PDU for each and every hour attending project management related trainings by non PMI REPs. This is component of Category 4: Other Providers. For example: if your employer provides internal project management training then you are able to claim 1 PDU for each and every hour. This is accurate for nearly any PM related seminar. Maintain all your receipts and documentation on the topics discussed in the class just in case the PMI audits you.

And finally, there is certainly Category five: Volunteer Service for your PMI Chapter. Granted, this category will not make you “PDU rich” but volunteering is really rewarding. The maximum number of PDUs in this category is 10 PDUs for elected officials and five PDUs for standard volunteers. So the major objective of volunteering for the chapter is clearly not gaining PDUs. The much more critical factors are networking together with your peers, being involved in local PM community and learning about all of the PDU offerings that your chapter has. For me personally, the PDUs that I receive for volunteering in my chapter are the most gratifying and also the most satisfying PDUs of them all. So contact your membership director and ask about the obtainable opportunities.

By following the tips outlined in this write-up you can gain all the PDUs you will need in just a few months. It really is that easy. The trick would be to know that you have a multitude of techniques accessible to you. So be proactive and commence earning your PDUs right now!

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