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Useful Online Project Management Resources

Project management is a long-term work and need a detailed plan, if there is an online management software which is easy to use , it will bring a lot of convenience to management . Following I want to introduce several very useful online project management resources.

MyToDoList PHP

MyToDoList PHP is a free, open source software, which is developed by PHP and MySql, it is very useful for small project management.

Online Spreadsheets application

Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets is a component  of Google Docs web application, managing projects in tabular form for ease of use.
Click the following link to know how to use Google Spreadsheets:

EditGrid online spreadsheets

EditGrid is an online spreadsheet, it can work in your browser independently, and its use is very friendly.

Free online project management application


Basecamp is a very powerful and easy to use online software, elegant and efficient.


Powerful online project management and knowledge-sharing tools.


Able to manage multiple projects, friendly user interface, providing account management, task management and issue management, and calendar events.


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