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What is PRINCE2?

Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 for short has turn into among the most popular and widely used project management methodologies around. Used by both the public and private sectors, it has turn out to be the de-facto regular for project management in the UK.

Following this success within the UK, interest has started spreading across the globe. Countries in which PRINCE2 is becoming established consist of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Australia, along with the United States.

What does the 2 in PRINCE2 refer to?

PRINCE2 has its roots as far back as 1975 within the PROMPTII methodology. PRINCE replaced PROMPTII in 1989, becoming the UK regular for all government details systems projects. In 1996 the methodology was re-launched as a generic project management methodology for all UK government projects, hence the 2.

Why was PRINCE introduced?

It’s accurate to say that the public sector has hardly covered itself in glory with their ability to deliver projects on time and inside budget. PRINCE and subsequently PRINCE2 had been introduced to address the widespread causes of project failure.

How does PRINCE2 work?

PRINCE2 can be a very best practice framework that helps managers deliver projects on time and inside budget. It divides projects into clearly defined stages having a begin, middle and end. It focuses on the delivery of items instead of carrying out activities. Each and every project should have a enterprise case and plan that’s periodically reviewed to check the project is still viable.

A PRINCE2 project has the following characteristics:

  • A finite and defined lifecycle
  • Defined and measurable business products
  • A corresponding set of activities to attain the enterprise products
  • A defined amount of resources
  • An organisation structure, with defined responsibilities, to manage the project

How does PRINCE2 structure a project?

Core to the methodology will be the project board, produced up of the customer, user representative and supplier. The project manager reports to this board with standard progress reports, problems along with the board choose how the project should proceed.

What are the advantages of PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is about performing the correct projects, at the correct time, for the proper factors. It gives you common systems, procedures and language for projects. PRINCE2 also offers:

  • Much better control and use of resources
  • A means of managing risks and problems
  • Flexible decision points
  • Regular reviews of progress against the project plan and business case
  • Assurance that the project continues to have a organization justification
  • Early visibility of probable problems
  • Good communications between the project team as well as other stakeholders
  • A mechanism for managing deviations from the project strategy
  • A process for capturing lessons learned

Putting all of this together really should enable you to save time and funds even though delivering projects much more effectively.

How do I grow to be accredited?

In the event you need to turn into a registered PRINCE2 practitioner you can find two exams to sit, the foundation and practitioner exams. Many accredited training organisations exist offering quite a few courses ranging from three day foundation, five day practitioner to 1 day refresher courses.

The foundation exam is 75 questions several selection and lasts an hour, although the practitioner exam is 9 questions and lasts three hours.

The format of the foundation exam is:

  • Several choice
  • 1 hour duration
  • 75 questions
  • 38 correct answers needed to pass
  • Closed book

The format of the practitioner exam is:

  • 9 questions, with a scenario background and appendices
  • Each of the 9 questions is worth 40 marks
  • An overall score of 180 out of a feasible 360 needed to pass
  • Three hour duration
  • Open book examination (only the PRINCE2 Manual is allowed)

Most training organisations supply packages including training with the exams on the last day, even though the exams can be taken at a later date either together or separately.

If you’re looking to run profitable projects then PRINCE2 can be a great strategy to go.

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