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XP Project Management Tool: XPlanner-plus


XPlanner+ is an open source (free) project planning and bug tracking tool for agile teams written on Java. Xplanner+ is based on XPlanner, and has new and improved features, such as: fancy design, email notifications for tasks, redraw charts button, drag and drop stories.


XPlanner-plus is a continuation of the development on Xplanner. The database schema of XPlanner-plus builds on the database schema of Xplanner. The development of XPlanner-plus has started on August 2009. Several changes have been made since then:

  • New design
  • Email notifications for tasks’ status
  • Regenerate burn down charts functionality
  • Xplanner is moved to maven build script instead of ant
  • Updated jars dependencies
  • Upgrade to support the latest versions of Java and Jakarta Tomcat.

Features of XPlanner-Plus

  • – Burn down chart;
  • – Regenerate Burn down chart button;
  • – Online time tracking and time sheet generation;
  • – Drag and Drop stories;
  • – Multiple select for stories, when moving them to other iteration;
  • – Virtual note cards;
  • – Iteration estimate accuracy view;
  • – Page showing task and story status for individual developers and customers;
  • – Export to XML, MS Project, PDF…
  • – Language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese..
  • – SOAP interfaces for advanced XPlanner integration and extension.
  • – TWiki-style text formatting support with support external tool integration and extensible wiki word linking.

Future Features of XPlanner-Plus

  • – Dashboard;
  • – Installation for Windows;
  • – Create additional fields: “Story Points”, “Business Value”, “Versions/Release planning”;
  • – customizable list of values (statuses for stories, tasks);
  • – Product Backlog;
  • – Advanced search with Filters;
  • – wiki integration;
  • – set of properties, which allow to configure the behavior of XPlanner+;;
  • – improve build script to support several configurations;
  • – upgrade dependencies;
  • – upgrade to use Hibernate annotations and migration to Hibernate 3;

Upgrade from Xplanner

Because the database schema of XPlanner-plus builds on that of Xplanner, upgrading from Xplanner to XPlanner-plus only involves deploying and configuring the XPlanner-plus WAR file on a Tomcat server and configuring XPlanner-plus to use the Xplanner MySQL Database. XPlanner-plus will automatically upgrade the Xplanner MySQL Database if necessary.

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