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Zoho Projects – Free Online Project Management Software


Zoho Projects is an online project management software combined with collaboration and bug tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. Planning and Tracking helps you keep your project on schedule. Collaboration helps improve the communication within the team and keep everyone on the same page. And the new Bug Tracking module allows you to organize and track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix them all in time.


1. Task Management

With Zoho Projects planning your projects becomes a snap. Use milestones to organize projects, set dependency for your tasks, assign ownership and priorities.

2. Bug Tracking Software

Our bug tracker combines a clean interface to organise issues with customisable workflows, set business rules and fix bugs which makes bug tracking painless and simple.

3. Time Tracking Software

Record your working hours; Export data and generate reports quickly with timesheets. You can also send invoices and follow up payments with your clients.

4. Project Reports (Gantt Charts)

Reports visually represents how your team is progressing against pre-defined goals. Track and report exactly how much time you’re spending on what tasks for which clients.

5. Project Calendar & Meetings

Schedule team meetings, gather notes, post links all from within Zoho Projects. Project Calendar gives you the power to revolutionize the way your team works.

6. Online Project Chat

This built-in chat room allows everyone on the project to quickly come together to discuss important topics and make decision faster. Best of all, it runs entirely on your browser.

7. Project Wiki (Intranet)

Zoho Projects offers an integrated wiki interface for your projects with seamless navigation. Wikis offer a simple and quick way for anyone to create web pages and publish them for your project team to see.

8. Document Management

Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on your browser without having to install any additional software. Tag your files with intuitive labels and keep track of changes with the version history.

Why do you need an online project management software?

An online project management software is designed to help you keep your business more organized, know the latest happenings of your project and have a better communication with your clients. So with this, you will start looking more professional and your work will reflect that. By incorporating a project management software you can get things done (GTD) with better quality and this in turn helps keeping your clients coming back for more.

What does Zoho Projects offer as your online project management software?

Zoho Projects is an online project management software that is easy-to-use and of course ‘social’ too with twitter like status updates which improves communication and overall productivity of your project team. It is a perfect mix of project management combined with collaboration and bug tracking. Plan, track and collaborate on projects. Keep everyone in the loop. A centralized place where relevant project documents and contents are stored, updates are posted, everyone exchange ideas to get work done faster.

Who can use Zoho Projects?

Everyday thousands of small business, project managers, professionals and entreprenuers use Zoho Projects to get their projects done faster.

  1. Project Managers: Our project management software provides an immediate bird’s eye view into the project completion status. With project wiki create team intranets and introduce informal communication between your project team and clients. Since project managers are considered the prime movers of any team, being able to manage the different tasks needed to complete a project is deemed important. With collaborative tools everyone is kept abreast of what needs to be done, notifications are available and thus the project manager is clear on the key deliverable to be achieved in time.
  2. Project Teams: The project goals can be clearly defined to get work done faster with Zoho’s project management software. In addition, you can make quick decisions and eliminate the need to exchange a bunch of mails through an interactive group chat with the project team. We provide an option for you to follow the principles and aspects that make up task management, so it is easy to oversee the team’s concerns and challenges and be able to address these as they work towards achieving the common project goals.
  3. Small Businesses: Zoho Projects provides you the exact set of project collaboration tools which helps the team members involved in the project to come together, plan, collaborate and get work done faster. It helps you to create a project workspace to increase productivity, reduce costs and drastically improve collaborative efforts across geographically separated teams. In addition, it makes communication between project teams, clients and stakeholders a lot more easier.


Zoho Projects is an free online project management and planning software, that helps you keep your project on schedule, and improve the communication within the team. You can access it from here for free.

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  1. marfa says:

    I want to say that Zoho is rather similar to the tool that I am using right now and this is Comindware task manager. In fact, the same functions and the same opportunities.

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